Blue Jeans - The Primary Teaching/Learning Platform

  • Mar 24, 2020

Good day, Parents/Guardians:

Thank you for all the feedback on this first day of our Teaching/Learning Contingency. As you will note, we will be out of school at least until the 19th April 2020; the Summer Term is slated to begin on Monday, the 20th of April 2020.

From our experience today, we recognize that there needs to be greater coordination in the use of the available technology on all sides, so we are asking that the following be noted:

Blue Jeans - the Primary Teaching/Learning Platform

We have had a situation with students receiving two or three platforms to log into. This has caused a bit of discomfort for some parents and students. We have asked all teachers to use the Blue Jeans Video-conferencing App as the primary point of contact with students during this period. Some teachers also make use of a Learning Management System (Google Classroom, Edmodo, Moodle) and so they will then direct the students to activities/notes/content housed in the LMS. Again, we want to be coordinated, so we have asked that the first log in point be Blue Jeans.  

Accessing Blue Jeans

In order to access lessons, there will be no need for parents/students to download the Blue Jeans App. Instead, available teachers have been instructed to send a link (for example: Simply clicking or copying/pasting the link into your browser should launch the application. The teacher will reuse the link, so all subsequent sessions with the teacher should be accessed using that link, unless otherwise advised. Also, teachers have been advised as to the steps they should take to increase the capacity of their meeting groups in Blue Jeans beyond 25 participants. 

Protocols to Observe

It is important that the young men are asked to observe a few protocols:

1. Dress appropriately for each session.

2. Mute the microphone shortly after logging in.

3. Listen to the class rules established by the teacher.

4. Follow the instructions that given so that the session flows smoothly.

5. Wait to be told when questions can be asked. That is the signal that the microphone can be unmuted.

6. If the teacher is also using an LMS, pay attention to the shared link.

Students With No Internet

We would ask that the parents of students who do not have internet connectivity are advised to make use of the Ministry of Education's programming on PBCJ and TVJ; Digicel's Learning Hub; and Flow Study. They can also make good use of their textbooks and other text-based materials. It is important that some learning engagement is had. 

Teacher Availability

We are seeking to provide support to some of our teachers who either do not have or have poor internet connectivity as well as those who have a challenge with broken computers/laptops. As a result, we may not always have full coverage but there are those who are willing to go beyond the call of duty to ensure that there is student engagement. Until we have those matters resolved, let us make use of the WBS Learning Pack  (Learning Hub; Flow Study; PBCJ; TVJ; CXC Notesmaster) to supplement our learning.

RenWeb Sign Up

You may be aware of someone in your class Whatsapp group who is not receiving WBS communique through RenWeb. Kindly ask them to forward the following bits of information to Mr. Green (System Admin.) at so that the system can be updated.

Name of son/ward: __________

Form: __________

Date of enrollment: __________

Name of parents/guardians:

Father ___________

Address ___________

Email ____________

Phone ___________

Mother ____________

Address ___________

Email ___________

Phone ____________

An Opportunity to Rediscover Fundamentals

And we urge you to use every opportunity to strengthen family relationships. Do not forget Scrabble, Jacks, Pantomime, Chinese Checkers, Dominoes, One-Two-Three Red Light, etc. This is a wonderful opportunity to not simply get lost in school work and the urgent matters of modern life; instead, let us rekindle our regard for the man/woman we married years ago and the child[ren] that God blessed us with. This is also a wonderful time to shed deep-seated anxieties and to discover the peace of Essence and relationship with the Divine. Let us not miss out on this glorious opportunity. 

Be safe.   

Best regards,

D. Pennycooke