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"Globalisation, changing demographics and technological advancements are some of the key driving forces of the future. Our students will have to be prepared to face these challenges and seize the opportunities brought about by these forces." (Ministry of Education, Singapore)
The bequest that gave birth to the modern Wolmer's Boys' School was made in 1729, and since that time this institution has moored itself in a culture of excellence while being responsive to the pressing call for relevant leadership at each juncture of our national development. And in these still early years of the twentieth century, the call is urgent but the Beacon of Excellence remains ready to answer the call to lead.

The world in which our students are growing and developing is one of fast-moving currents and changing imperatives. And into this milieu our students emerge after five, six or seven years with us. Are they equipped to respond to the changing environment? This is the driving question that has preoccupied the school's leadership for the last few years because we have a responsibility to the individual, to his family, but even more importantly, to the nation. Such is our commitment to the latter that no aspect of the Wolmer's institution has gone unexamined.

Consequently, our sharp focus on the developmental needs of our students has led to the expansion of our curricular and extra-curricular offerings. We have embraced the STEAM framework, and as such, each young man is being exposed by his Third Form year to courses in the sciences, humanities, mathematics, business as well as the technical/vocational areas. And this will be further expanded in the coming years. In fact, for the 2018/2019 school year, our Lower Sixth Form students are now able to do new courses including the ground school course in Aviation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, as well as Tourism.

But even the best set of courses has to be supported by an adequate resource pool - that is, both human and material. The visionary implementation of the Solar Energy Project, spearheaded by the Infrastructure Committee of the Wolmer's Trust, has placed us in an enviable position. And in short order, our young men will have access to some of the most modern technological resources comparable to those found in some of the world's best educational systems. A whole new thrust of professional development is being pursued as we boost the performance and accountability of our teachers.

Wolmer's Boys' School, the premier Boys' School in the island of Jamaica, stands ready to serve the needs of our students and in so doing, secure the future development of Jamaica land we love through a robust and relevant curriculum that is well supported by well-trained teachers and world-class technological resources. Our future is bright.