The Story of the Wolmer's Auditorium

Wolmer's Trust High School for Boys yesterday signed a construction contract with Bruce English & Associates to build a modern new auditorium funded by donations.

The 11,800 square-foot building, which will accommodate up to 2,300 people, will have a stage for theatrical performances, a mezzanine floor, and meeting rooms. The multipurpose facility is large enough to accommodate a basketball court and facilitate other indoor sports. The building should be completed by April 2015.

Dr Walton Small, principal of Wolmer's Boys' School, describing the development as exciting, said, "For over 23 years, the school has not had an auditorium since the previous wooden hall was destroyed by fire in January 1991. At last, the boys will be out of the sun and rain for their morning assembly."

He expressed his gratitude to board of trustees, alumni, parents and friends of Wolmer's, who he said were making the auditorium possible through their donations.

"In particular, my gratitude to trustee Douglas Orane, who is leading the fundraising initiative."


Orane said the auditorium is being funded completely from donations.

"There are alumni who have so far been generous in their contributions to date. We now need every member of the Wolmer's family to contribute - no matter how small - to make our dream become a reality," he said.

The facility will be used by all three Wolmer's Trust schools, namely the boys' high school, the girls' high school, and the preparatory school. It will also be available for rental to third parties for functions to help generate income for the schools.