Student Leadership


The Prefecture

Wolmer’s Boys’ School has long maintained a vibrant system of student leadership with The Cabinet at the centre of this configuration. The Cabinet is comprised of the senior prefects with the Head Boy and two Deputies as the primary leaders.  

The Cabinet is selected through a rigorous process that involves the outgoing cabinet, teachers and the senior leadership of the school. Nominations are done and the list narrowed through secret ballot. But, even after process a series of confirmation hearings are done by the senior leadership prior to the announcement of the primary leadership of The Cabinet. Thereafter, senior prefects will be selected contingent upon the following criteria: 

  • a proven track record, especially over the Lower Sixth Form year, of responsible conduct.
  • a clear demonstration of leadership among peers and the general school population.
  • a demonstrated willingness to add value to the rich legacy of the school.
  • academic performance that meets the matriculation requirements for the Upper Sixth Form level. 

The Prefecture plays a significant role in modelling the values of the school through their exemplary conduct and organized approach to the sphere of management that they are allowed. Prefects function as Form Prefects and serve as monitors during general assembly and at the gate and in the canteen/dining area. Prefects are also empowered to cite students for uniform and corridor violations, loitering, littering and dining in an undesignated area. TWO of such citations within a week will be treated as an official detention and be placed on the student’s report.